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Meet the Founder: Stephanie Hyleman

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Hi, I'm Stephanie Hyleman. I am the proud mother of two beautiful sons, who were born perfect in God's eyes, and my own. However, one of my children was born with vastly different physical abilities than the other. One of my children is fast and sure footed, the other needs a helping hand. It broke my heart to see him on the local playgrounds, unable to enjoy the equipment alongside his brother. That hurt me like it would any loving mother, but to the advocate in me, it felt unjust. I believed so strongly that something needed to change. Not only for my son, but for all children to feel welcome in the community, and to do what they were born to do - play! That is when I began researching playground standards and equipment, and when the idea for Hyleman's Humble Playground was born.

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